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~Jill Sylvis. married May 2014

Mindy did my hair for my wedding in May and it was beautiful!  She was involved throughout the entire process and was able to mold my plethora of ideas into the perfect wedding day style.  It completed the timeless look, flowed with the design of my dress, and it was elegant.  My hair looked like an "amped- up" version of myself... which was exactly what I wanted!  She made me look gorgeous and stayed true to my personality.  Loved it! Mindy also styled the flawless up-dos on my bridesmaids, all three complemented each other and were still able to express their individuality.  She went above and beyond on my big day, focusing on my needs and offering support through all of the excitement.  Of course the day was perfect and Mindy's service made it that much easier!   Thanks, Mindy, for everything! 


~Katie Orlowski-Williams, married June 2011

For my wedding I had Mindy Smith do my hair and also my bridesmaid’s hair.  It was so convenient that Mindy came to my home.  Not only did Mindy finish everyone's hair on time, but it was seriously the most pleasant experience. I loved my hair! I never felt more beautiful and my bridesmaids felt the same. People at my wedding kept complementing me and my bridesmaids. It was my wedding day so I knew I had to pick the best and I did! I loved Mindy’s friendly service and great prices. I would highly recommend brides to be to set up a trial and see for yourself!



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